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Margrethe Odgaard receive one million kronor – Göteborgs-Posten

Margrethe Odgaard along with jury members Anne-Louise Sommer and Tomas Soderberg. Photo: Per Wahlberg.

The canvas The canvas Fold Unfold is color in the creases. Photo: Per Wahlberg.

Margrethe Odgaard explains how she thinks when she creates her designs. In the background Röhsska manager, Susanne Erixon. Photo: Per Wahlberg.

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This year Söderberg Prize to a designer who” think with their hands “.

Margrethe Odgaard, it is important to have a clear intention with his work, therefore, she has written a number of articles in a manifesto, she says. one of these points is “Think with your hands.” a statement to recur in the jury’s verdict that reads:

“Margrethe Odgaard use textiles as a basis for their designs. The approach is both artisanal, tactile and thorough – she thinks hands. Based on both poetic and consistent color and pattern studies, she creates context of a fascinating process that is full of musicality “

To think with hands means that she is not content to work with their patterns in the computer, for her it is necessary to see the fabric and feel it with your hands.
– Aesthetics is not just about vision, but of all the senses, she says

laureate was present at the presentation at the Röhsska Museum yesterday. there was also a few examples of her design. With fabric Fold Unfold, where different colors mark the folds, she wants to stress the fabric function. the canvas Taffel has lines shows how to set the table, and matching napkins with instructions how to break.
– I’ve been thinking about how we unconsciously follow the tracks of previous generations, we serve as our grandparents. But one can of course be anarchists and set the table the way you like on my canvas. I communicate my thoughts and there will be a dialogue with the user.

Margrethe Odgaard likes to talk, but when she got the phone call where she was told she would get Söderberg Prize, she was speechless.
– I dropped completely speechless. I never thought that I would get the prize, but I felt after all to it and know what it meant for Henrik Vibskov.
Fashion designer Vibskov received the award in 2011, the last time it went to a Danish designer. Even Margrethe Odgaard started in the fashion business but soon realized that it was the colors, patterns and feel of the fabrics that interested her.

Anne-Louise Sommer, Museum Director of Design Museum of Denmark in Copenhagen is a member the jury: 

– We have never been so united. Margrethe has a sensitivity and an ability to reinvent old techniques. She is at once a commercial and artistic. She is also reflective.

The award on 4 November. An exhibition of this year’s winners opens on Röhsska Museum on 5 November.

Margrethe Odegaard

Born in 1978
Educated at the Royal Danish Academy of design school
run his own studio in Copenhagen since 2013.
Her bedding was part of Ikea’s designer collection IKEA PS 2014.


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