Thursday, May 19, 2016

SVT criticized the documentary – Sveriges Radio

The documentary “Ukraine – Revolution dark side” of the French journalist Paul Moreira is about how the right-wing groups, backed by the United States, shall have played a significant role in the Maidan revolution in Ukraine.

After harsh criticism from several quarters that the film would be conspiratorial and contain factual errors SVT decided to postpone the documentary, which was initially broadcast May 1

Axel Arnö, Project SVT Documents from the outside, then told Kulturnytt:

“We do not want to see a movie showing a misleading picture. I have a dialogue with the director and with SVT’s foreign editorial. the important thing for us is to show films that are true and relevant. ”

The film is now back in the tableau to be aired on Monday, May 23

Kulturnytt seeking documents on the basis of a comment.


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