Friday, May 13, 2016

Immediately after his entrance in the Eurovision song contest, he ran to the 17-year-old … – Aftonbladet

Superstar Justin Timberlake celebrated Frenchman.

Right after its entry in the Eurovision Song Contest, he ran to the 17-year-old and shook his hand.

– Did you write your song? I love it. It’s an awesome song, says Timberlake.

When superstar Justin Timberlake , 35, made his entry in the Eurovision Song Contest, he threw in the arms of Hosted by Mans Zelmerlöw , 29, in the green room.

But the rehearsal broadcast did not catch was the tribute that took place immediately afterwards.

When Måns påade the program also could see superstar running back to Frans Jeppsson-Wall ; 17.

Timberlake shook his hand and praised the “If I were sorry”.

– you wrote your song? I love it. It’s an awesome song, he said to the Frenchman.

In a text Frans trying to explain the feelings after the tribute.

– finds no words. Grateful, he writes.

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“All are fantastic”

Immediately afterwards Timberlake appeared a medley of some of their biggest hits and new song “Can not stop the Feeling”. During the rope he took the opportunity also to explain why he chose to perform in the world’s largest entertainment program.

– Well, I figured I just had to come over and say hello. I’ve been through Europe now on promotional tour and then called your people Måns my people and I felt “I have come to Eurovision,” he says during rehearsal. esc 2016 Now Timberlake landed in Stockholm


Timberlake also said he watched the program the last two years.

– I am an American with an eye on the world, you know, he says and laughs.

– All participants are amazing. Honestly, I know what it’s like to write a song and perform it for very many people, which I actually do in a minute. All have made it great.

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