Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Gillian Anderson wants to become the first female James Bond – Aftonbladet

A fan made a poster of Gillian Anderson as the first female James Bond.

And she seems open to the idea.

“It’s Bond . Jane Bond. Thanks for all your votes! “She wrote on Twitter.

Twitter could decide to ‘X Files’ star Gillian Anderson be the next James Bond. A fan has created a poster with the actress and “007, November 2017″, which have flourished in social media.

Even Gillian Anderson have posted the picture on Twitter.

“It’s Bond. Jane Bond. Thanks for all your votes! And sorry, I do not know who made the poster, but I love it, “she writes. READ ALSO “Shutter James Bond”

Speculation about who will play James Bond in the next film has lasted a long time. Two names frequently mentioned are the Idris Elba and Tom Hiddleston . The other day it became clear that Daniel Craig ends up as 007.

According to the site Nme thanked Craig no, although he was offered a sum of approximately SEK 820 million to make two films.

The latest Bond film, Daniel Craig did was “Spectre”, which was his fourth. READ ALSO PLUS The actual falls behind X-Files


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