Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Woody Allen, 80, has no plans to step down – Aftonbladet

CANNES. Take it as a threat or a promise.

Film Festival’s oldest directors – Woody Allen, 80 years – do not intend to throw in the towel in a long time.

– my dad was over 100 years old, my mom just below. It was jackpot for genes. So I continue to shoot as long as there are people who are stupid enough to pay for my movies, ‘he said at the press conference for “Café Society”.

He seemed at times a little confused, but that was mostly because he hears bad.

– I have a hearing aid, and then I have this unit of the (a kind of headphones where such questions in French translated into English) and it will be a bit messy in the head sometimes.

He was exceptionally good and playful mood and did well to answer roughly 75 percent of the questions, Kristen Stewart and Jesse Eisenberg 10 per cent and then it became not much left to the actors Blake Lively and Corey Stoll and cinematographer Vittorio Storaro .

and there came to be a lot of ages.

How he keeps himself in shape.

– I eat well and exercise. But of course I know that one day I might wake up with a stroke and then get someone to run around with me in a wheelchair and then people will look at me and say Where is he who was once Woody Allen .

He was also asked about the regular age difference in men’s and women’s relationships in his movies. Older men and younger women. In “Cafe Society” is the Steve Carell , 53, and Kristen Stewart; 26.

Why not a movie about a woman in her 50s and a twenty year younger man?

– I write about things I have experienced in yourself or the people in my circle have been through. Otherwise, it is not authentic.

– When I was 30, I was hopelessly in love with a woman around the 50 mark. Very beautiful. Very married. And she was totally uninterested in me.

“Café Society” has Sweden premiere 7 October. READ ALSO PLUS Here are the scandals in Cannes


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