Friday, May 13, 2016

On Saturday the final of the Eurovision Song Contest – Sveriges Radio

There is an organization called the EBU which organizes the Eurovision Song Contest. It is an organization of broadcasters in Europe.

But there are countries that really is not in Europe, but that is with the organization anyway. They may also be in the Eurovision Song Contest. For example, Israel and Azerbaijan.

And Australia is also with. Eurovision Song Contest has long been very popular in Australia. But last year was the first time they competed.

Australia’s song was one of those who went ahead in the semifinals yesterday. Many believe that the artist Dami Im, and the song sounds of silence have much chance of winning in the finals on Saturday.

The other countries advancing from the semifinals number 2 is Latvia, Georgia, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Serbia, Poland, Israel, Lithuania and Belgium.

on Saturday race 26 songs against each other in the grand final in Stockholm. You can see it on television, or listen to it on the radio.

Eurovision Song Contest appear on TV, on channel BBC1. And it is broadcast on the radio, in the channel P4.


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