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The choice of Sara Stridsberg applauded – Västerbotten Courier

Culture Telegram With Sara Stridsberg has won the Swedish Academy its first member born in the 1970s and a bold writer on seat number 13. The love of literature got her to say yes, but the decision was not easy.


Born in 1972 in Solna.

Roman Debuted with “Happy Sally ‘in 2004.

Two years later, she published the novel “the Dream Faculty ‘which won the Nordic Council Literature Prize.

has also published the novels” Darling River “(2010) and” Beckomberga: Ode to my family “(2014).

as playwright Sara Stridsberg has primarily worked at the Royal Dramatic Theatre who set her plays “Valerie Solanas will become president in America,” “Medea Country”, “Dissection of a snowfall” and “Beckomberga”. Last fall, put schooner in Stockholm up her piece “The art of falling”.

2015, she received the Society of the Nine great price.

Sara Stridsberg to enter the Academy ceremonial meeting on December 20 this year. She replaces writer and translator Gunnel Vallquist on chair at number 13th

Sara Stridsberg was on Finnish ferry, and had full focus on trying to get in their children some food when she got a call early on Thursday evening.

– it was a very difficult decision for many different reasons, but it ended with a yes. I think I have said yes to the literature interests me so much, literature’s place in world literature’s place in humans, she says, having just arrived at Helsinki.

She thought of Birgitta Trotzig and other writers who had been in the Academy, but above all on whether it is possible to continue with their own writing.

– I will die if I do not get to write, that’s all I do, and the only thing I’m really sure. They have assured me that the only thing they want is for me to continue doing what I do, keep writing books and plays.

Satisfied Members

If Stridsberg was initially unsure as are Academy members, the more satisfied with their choice.

– this year we have had the opportunity to discuss a long time and it has been useful. She is another voice. She also renews the Academy in terms of age, says Tomas Riad, the Swedish Academy to mandate the Permanent Secretary.

Sara Stridsberg, 43, debuted in 2004 with “Happy Sally”, a novel about the Canadian channel swimmer Sally Bauer’s life, but above all about obsession price and essence. Since then she has written beautifully shimmering, often of the vulnerable and disadvantaged.

In the latest novel, “Beckomberga. Ode to My Family, “depicting her the slandered old mental institution as a place that still gave protection.

” The Dream Faculty ‘was based, she by Valerie Solanas, best known as the woman who wrote the SCUM Manifesto and who shot Andy Warhol . In Battle’s story, she becomes a broken and tragically for children on the road to perdition.

– She has a very lyrical writing, even when she writes prose. Every time one reads her it is like walking into your own Sara Stridsberg world, says Anna Williams, professor of literature at Uppsala University and member of the Nine. She applauds the Academy’s choice.

00s is best

So does Rachel Chukri, Cultural Affairs at Sydsvenskan who appointed “Dream Faculty” to 00 century best Swedish novel.

– she is one of our strongest and most interesting authors, it is clear that she should sit in the Academy, says Chukri also rejoice that the department now opting into “one of the most radical writers we have” .

– One of her strengths is that she also works to tear down the bourgeois facade, there is so much fight in her books, she is loved by other authors and accepted by the bourgeoisie as she might oppose it from within, says Rachel Chukri.

Author Mrs Eva Ström think Stridsberg can continue writing as before.

– Katarina Frostenson was of course also very young when she came in and has developed his writing in a fantastic way. I am convinced that Sara Stridsberg will do the same, says Eva Power.

– It’s a great name, I think everyone likes.


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