Sunday, May 15, 2016

Danish glitch – gave the wrong countries points – Expressen

Denmark voted errors and gave the winning grant Ukraine the highest score by mistake, writes Danish BT.

The Danish juror Hilda Heick misinterpreted the ranking and gave ground premiums high scores – now she asks apologized to the Frenchman and the other performers.

– It means so much to these participants, she tells the magazine.

When Denmark points to entries in the Eurovision Song Contest 2016 was read out yesterday, everything went wrong.

Ukraine, which emerged victorious from the contest, received a twelfth of the Danish jury – actually, they would have zero points of Denmark.

It was a juror and pop singer Hilda Heick, 69, who misinterpreted the ranking and gave ground premiums high scores, she told Danish newspaper BT.

– My heart stood still. When you realize you’ve done something wrong, it’s very uncomfortable. When I came in and could not see the votes, I saw that I had voted contrary, she tells the magazine.

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Denmark points to the Frenchman was wrong

Among other things, Sweden would have had seven points instead of the four that were awarded.

The Danish tolvan would actually have gone to Australia, hence would point difference between Ukraine and Australia have been just nine points. Denmark’s mistake does not affect the final result.

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Danish jury: “Big mistake”

Hilda Heick acknowledge the mistake and tells BT that she is ashamed.

– It was a big mistake and I acknowledge it fully. But it must also be said that I am not senile yet, although several writes on Facebook that I should retire and stay away from everything.

At the same time asks Hilda Heick apologize to Frans Jeppsson-Wall and the other participants. She is happy that it did not affect the results.

– It is a great comfort, for I know how much it means for those involved. It means so much to these participants and it is one of the greatest moments in their lives, she tells the magazine.

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