Friday, May 13, 2016

Azealia Banks banned from Twitter – Västerbotten Courier

The rapper Azealia Banks has had its Twitter account suspended after she had gone to the verbal attack against the former One Direction member Zayn Malik on the social network.

the row began when the Bank Malik accused of having plagiarized her graphic profile. After she used a homophobic and racist language, her Twitter account now disappeared.

Twitter would not comment on individual user accounts, writes The Guardian.

Azealia Banks talking himself out of his Instagramkonto .

“the use of racial epithets was my way of reminding him that he is not one of them, he is one of us. The white privileges he was so keen to take part in do not apply to him, “she wrote in a post.

” Realize that I offended Indians, Pakistanis and blacks, but my Twitter account was not closed down until I wrote that whiteness is a mental illness. You need to notice what is going on here, “she writes well.


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