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This leaves Johnny Depp Stockholm – Expressen

Johnny Depp is in Sweden and accused simultaneously to assaulting his wife Amber Heard.

Now defended his – of bandmate Bruce Witkin.

– I’ve known him for 36 years, that’s not true, he said.

However avoids Johnny Depp questions from Expressen’s reporter.

yesterday, the Hollywood Vampires gig facing a full Tivoli Grona Lund in Stockholm. Among others, Johnny Depp, Alice Cooper and Joe Perry stood on the stage and reefs of rock covers.

Keyboardist Bruce Witkin says about the show:

– It was fun. A good gig, many young people. As long as they had a good life, he says.

Johnny Depp accused of wife-beating

Johnny Depp has in recent days been under fire after his wife Amber Heard filed for divorce and accused him of assaulting her during the 15-month marriage.

Among other things, he should have thrown a mobile phone in her face last Saturday, and she has appeared in court with obvious bruises on his face.

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was protected before Hollywood Vampires gig

Superstar was protected before yesterday’s gig at Grona Lund and an area backstage had been cordoned off, a black cloth had been set up to minimize transparency – and Johnny Depp went by boat to the concert.

Bruce Witkin says that even Johnny Depp, who kept a low profile during the show and only went up to the microphone a few times to greet the audience, thought the show was fun.

– Yes, I think so, he said.

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Johnny Depp defended by his colleague

at the same time he defends his colleague after accusations from his wife.

– It’s not true. I’ve known him for 36 years, that’s not true, says Bruce Witkin.

The guitarist Tommy Henriksen also goes into the defense.

– I can tell you one thing. Seriously, I’ve known him for a while. I can say that Johnny is not the type of guy, he says.

Johnny Depp stood outside the Grand Hôtel and signed autographs on Tuesday afternoon. But when Expressen’s reporter tried to ask questions he avoided them.

Expressen’s reporter asked: How do you feel about the allegations? Johnny, how do you feel about the allegations? Will you proceed legally?

Despite the fact that Johnny Depp was in the vicinity of the reporter, he continued signing autographs and avoided the questions that were asked.

After yesterday’s gig partied Johnny Depp together with a couple of band members Cadierbaren at the Grand Hôtel. He drank cocktails and sat for quite a while and chatted with other guests. Society seemed relaxed and looked to have a nice time.

First, at 02 o’clock, they broke up and Johnny Depp disappeared into his hotel room, according to the photographer Janne Åkesson.

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