Friday, May 27, 2016

Amber Heard: I was beaten by Depp – Aftonbladet

Amber Heard accuses Johnny Depp for having abused her.

In the right appeared the actress up with pictures of herself bruised, writes TMZ.

Depp has now imposed with access and contact injunctions.

the divorce between actor couple Amber Heard , 30, and Johnny Depp , 52, takes a new turn. Heard now accuses Depp for having abused her several times.

The actress showed off a picture in court, where she has a bruise around the eye. According to her, should Depp, on Saturday, throwing her cell phone in her face, pulled her hair and hit her. Depp must also destroyed several objects in their house with the help of a large wine bottle.

The friend alerted police

The tumult must have occurred when the Heard talked on the phone with a friend, who in turn heard the drama and was able to call police. But when the police came to the home to be Johnny Depp have left the place. According to them, it should not have been any sign that Heard beaten.

Depp should have offered Heard money to keep quiet but Heard refused. Instead, she responded by sending in an application for divorce.

But it is not only time violence should have occurred in the relationship. In court, it emerged that Depp appeared “drunk and high” at Heard’s birthday party last month. After the guests left, the couple quarreled. Depp then threw a champagne bottle in the wall and a wine glass against Heard. She also claims that he pushed her down on the bed and threw her down on the floor.

broke down

Right now imposed Johnny Depp an access and contact injunctions until 17 June when the parties should be heard in court again. Heard applied for the ban when there was a risk that he hurt her again.

Depp’s representative denies the violence and says the allegations are fabricated.

During the negotiations did Heard claim the couple’s home their Range rover and their two dogs Boo and gun.

Shortly after the actress left the law she broke up. According to TMZ should be Heard initially seen unmoved until she got into the waiting car.

Johnny Depp was not present in court when he was in Portugal for a concert with his band Hollywood vampires. On Monday, the band plays at Grona Lund in Stockholm.

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