Friday, May 20, 2016

Bianca: “Do not stand here and say that it feels okay” – Aftonbladet

The competition was too tough.

Bianca Ingrosso was the jury’s favorite – but viewers highlighted Elisa Lindstrom to victory in the “Let’s Dance”.

– It sucks. I had really wanted to win, says Bianca.

Bianca Ingrosso and her dance partner Alexander Svanberg could not have done better on the dance floor during the final. All of their three performances were rewarded with the highest score of the jury – through tens.

While the Elisa Lindstrom and Yvo Eussen stayed on 29 points, then Ann Wilson content to give the couple a nine for their first dance.

But the scant lead over was not enough for Bianca and Alexander. When viewers told her it was still Elisa Lindstrom took home the glass shoe.

– I will not stand here and say that it feels okay, says Bianca.

Is disappointed

Behind the final scene is hard training. Bianca and Alexander have spent hours in the dance studio, but despite that it was not enough all the way to take home the glass shoe.

– I’m disappointed. I really wanted to win it belongs to my and Alex sake. We have made an incredible journey together. I do not think anyone in the “Let’s Dance” history have found it, we found that dancers. Alex will have a very big place in my life, ‘she says.

Several times in the program described Bianca her dance partner as a brother. But in addition to a new sibling silver medalist also won a new attitude.

– I was a pretty negative person before who did not dare to take risks or challenges. I gave up thinking negatively. Now I’m the other way around as well, she says. READ ALSO Elisa after the victory: “I’m so happy,”

Hailed by the brother

For several Fridays Bianca had the support of the audience of his family. Mom Pernilla Wahlgren and her brother Benjamin Ingrosso has been benched in the first row. And so even in the final.

– It is an honorable second place. I cried, had goose bumps and tanned in her show numbers. For me, she was a clear winner, says Benjamin.

Both Bianca’s mother and brother have competed in the program earlier seasons. Best was Benjamin, who in 2014 was named the winner. But in his eyes is the sister much better.

– Bianca danced my ass off what I was dancing. She was absolutely outstanding. She was on a completely different level. She is a thousand times better than I was, he says.

How will Bianca this?

– She’s very hard on himself. But I think it will make her a stronger person. A glass slipper or not, it does not matter. She can get my glass slipper. It is she worth more than I am, says Benjamin Ingrosso.

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