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A new Jane Austen on the big screen – Helsingborgs Dagblad

cult director Whit Stillman want more people to discover Jane Austen. – She is an set aside. And she is certainly not just for women. Tonight is the premiere for “Love & friendship, which is based on the novel “Lady Susan”.

Chloë Sevigny and Kate Beckinsale in “Love & friendship” based on Jane austen’s vermeer “Lady Susan”.Image: Bernard Walsh

No, all of Jane Austen don’t actually have filmatiseras. That “Lady Susan”, a brevroman that the author wrote already in 1795, only 19 years old. She never finished the story and it was first published in 1871, more than a half-century after her death.

When I meet with the director Whit Stillman at a restaurant during the cannes film festival he admits that “Lady Susan” does not belong to the author’s strongest works. But he believes that the story of the scheming widow has a more caustic tone than austen’s later works.

With time, it became Jane Austen becoming more and more a precursor to the adorn viktorianismen. “Lady Susan” has got a bit of a bad reputation, but have a wonderful, dominant, egoistic female figure who is certainly not virtuous – which I love. It is almost as Oscar Wilde, from time to time. The book contains lots of the funniest and best thing Austen ever wrote. The sexual morass of the aristocracy in the late 1700′s was incredible, and she kidding healthy with it.

Wilde and Austen is the director’s great role models is evident in his earlier films – such as “Metropolitan” (1990), “Last days of disco” (1998) and “Damsels in distress” (2011) – despite the fact that they take place in the present day has a charmingly anachronistic feeling of old-fashioned sedekomedier. The step to film Austen, therefore, was not very far.

” But I’m not trying to make Austen more relevant for the present. I think we need to make the present more relevant to the past. We learn nothing if we reshape the past to fit in our time of prejudice. I had some pressure on me from the financiers to modernise the story, for example, to add a black servant – but it doesn’t fit.

But the director has nothing against the past twenty years, the trend to place the stories of, for example, Austen and Shakespeare in a modern setting.

– Thus, if something is a trend I am opposed in principle to it. But things should be assessed on what they are, not for the originals. I really like Bridget Jones.

Stillman has taken great liberties with romanförlagan. A necessity since it is a brevroman where the characters are not in the same room.

” It was a lot of work to convert letter to dialogue. And in addition, the story is incomplete and rather poorly designed, so I had to fill out a lot. However, many of the best filmadaptionerna relate loosely to the originals. And I can say that I have not had any problems to cooperate with Jane Austen. She was not divig, complained not in my drafts or tried to get a more important actor to the project.

That the film has been named after the early short story “Love & friendship” can seem confusing. The short story has nothing to with the film’s story.

“Love and friendship” is a ridiculous little story, that no one need waste time to read. But it is a good title. And I hated the title "Lady Susan", which was found on the after austen’s death. In addition, she often himself the titles of their works.

in Addition, the mean Stillman that the title “Lady Susan” easy contributes to the prejudice that Austen is literature, which is addressed primarily to women.

” It makes it sound as though it is a very feminine work, which is not true. This is a story for all. For girls and boys of all ages.

Whit Stillman

American film director, born in 1952. Stillman grew up in a wealthy politikerfamilj in Washington, d.c., and studied history at Harvard. 1990 regidebuterade he with the comedy “the Metropolitan”, which received the status of a cult film. Then followed the “Barcelona” (1994) and “The last days of disco” (1998), after which the director found it difficult to finance their films. In 2011 he returned with “Damsels in distress”.


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