Thursday, September 22, 2016

Sources: ”Pitt is being investigated for child abuse” – Aftonbladet

the movie Star Brad Pitt is being investigated for child abuse, writes TMZ.

According to the site’s sources, he shall have been notified to the authorities after an outburst in which he shall have exercised physical and verbal violence against the children.

“He takes this very seriously, and says that he has not abused the children,” says a source close to Pitt.

the Divorce between the stars of half a century Brad Pitt, 52 and Angelina Jolie, 41, has already shaken up the entertainment world.

Now comes new information that the Pitt is being investigated for child abuse by Los Angeles police and L. A. County department of children and family services, this according to the site TMZ.

According to TMZ’s sources, Brad, Angelina and the kids have been on a flight last Wednesday, where he should have been drunk on a private jet.

He should have been angry and even physical against the children.

After the plane landed, his outbursts have continued. And he even tried to leave the place with a fuel tanker.


the Source explains that the incident has been reported anonymously to the social authorities, and the case of the Los Angeles police. This should also have gotten Jolie to want to separate and apply for divorce on the following days.

A source close to Brad Pitt explains to TMZ:

” He takes this very seriously, and says that he has not abused the children. It is unfortunate that the people involved continue to portray him in the worst possible way.

Jolie and Pitt will already have been interviewed by the L. A. County department of children and family services, and there are plans to interrogate the children.

Applied for sole custody

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt met during the recordings of "Mr. and Mrs. Smith" and married in 2014.

Jolie has filed for sole custody of their six children.

Get Jolie their will through will Pitt have the right to visit their children and to have shared legal custody of them.

According to TMZ, this is a solution that Pitt is not happy with.

– There is no chance that it will happen, ” says Pitt, according to sources to the site.

According to the sources, will Pitt to fight to get shared custody of the children. He should not like to add in jolie’s ability to also raise children, but do not want to be omintetgjord. SEE ALSO PLUS Dumped Aniston when he met Jolie

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