Monday, September 5, 2016

Explosion in apartment in Gothenburg – Aftonbladet

The night belonged to several residents in the area Biskopsgården in Gothenburg a loud bang.

But first this morning, police found a hole in a balcony, and police suspect there has been no kind of explosion.

– Right now we do not know what happened, said police spokesperson Christer Fuxborg.

It was at half past one o’clock in the night that several calls came in to the police.

– the whole house was awakened by the explosion and we called the police, said the residents of the house.

But when the patrol arrived at the scene could they did not find the cause of what residents described as a loud bang.

Attempted murder

First, at half past seven in the morning, found an apartment with a hole in the balcony door.

– Anyone who works in the area saw the broken glass at a balcony on Klarvädersgatan. Right now we do not know what it is about. Our engineers are currently investigating what happened, if something exploded or if it is otherwise, said police spokesperson Christer Fuxborg.

No one should have been injured but the person who lives in the apartment should have been much jumpy. Police investigating the case at the moment as attempted murder, alternatively murder.

Several events in the area

A man living in the house of the Bishop’s Palace, where it exploded in the night is disappointed that the police did not come to the site until eight o’clock in the morning. He says that it is obvious that the case of a bomb.

– A balcony will not explode just like that. We do not want to have to protect ourselves, we want to be protected by the police, he said.

The person who lives in the apartment should, according to police, have no known connection to the conflicts that have recently shaken the Bishop’s Palace.

Just over two weeks ago died Yuusuf Warsame, 8, in a hand grenade attack in the same area.

No one is yet arrested for the attack.

Another explosion in night

Four minutes after police were alerted about the explosion at the Bishop’s Palace in the night had to be alert about another explosion – at Hammer Hill Square.

Several people said they heard a loud bang, according to police. Patrol sent there last night did not find any trace of the explosion.

On Friday, a man was shot to death in a car at Frölunda Torg in Gothenburg. A murder investigation was started and police suspect the murder is linked to a gang battle.

Early Sunday morning, police received the alarm about another shooting, this time in the district of Angered. When police arrived at the scene found several bullet holes in a door and some shell casings, but no one injured person.

According to the police, it is too early to say if any of the events connected with the murder in Frölunda.


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