Thursday, September 22, 2016

The investigation against Brad Pitt surrendered to the FBI – Expressen

Brad Pitt is being investigated for child abuse.

the Case has been turned over to the FBI because the incident occurred in the air aboard a private jet, write the american nöjessajten TMZ.

Both parents have been questioned and even the children will be heard.

Actor Brad Pitt, 52, is being investigated for child abuse. The incident reported to have occurred on board a private jet last Wednesday. TMZ writes that Brad Pitt then became angry and yelled, and that he somehow should have been physically against the child. According to the site, he should have been under the influence of alcohol.

the Case was reported to the Los Angeles department of children and family matters that have to interrogate both Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. The children will also be heard. If the information in the interviews with the children is indicative of a possible assault including in the family home in Los Angeles will a new case be opened.

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the FBI takes over the case

Now, reports TMZ that the case has been turned over to the FBI. The reason the FBI takes over the case has to be that the incident took place in the air, which then falls under the FBI’s area of responsibility.

Privatplanet should have flown from France to the united states. The plane should have landed at an airport in Minnesota just before eight in the evening, local time, on Wednesday of last week. According to witnesses who TMZ has been in contact with Brad Pitt have been “out of control”.

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Brangelina differ

The suspected barnmisshandeln shall have been the cause of Brad Pitt and Angelina jolie’s divorce.

the Actor denies the allegations, according to a source to TMZ.

” He takes the allegations very seriously and says he has not committed any abuse. It is unfortunate that the people involved continue to portray him in the worst possible light, ” says the source.

In connection with the divorce has Angelina Jolie filed for sole custody of the couple’s six children in common, something Brad Pitt is not going to go on. According to the data, he will fight for a shared custody.


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