Friday, September 23, 2016

Kent’s dismissal is filled with heat – Aftonbladet

Score song


The digital clock counting down. 4, 3, 2, 1… Beautiful, simple and euphoric introduction. The choir sings a short snippet of "Gigi" before Kent begins with one of its strongest encore. Berg rolls out one of his very best texts on the prosperous man’s eternal and ever present mid-life crisis. "Oh, baby, where have you been? We have already burned on the grill…"

"An hour a minute/Berg & dalvana"

Kent is updating one of their best songs, recorded way back in ’96, to 2016. Are lifting when they do a mashup with a track from the album "Hagnesta Hill".

"Romeo returns alone"

Jocke Berg explains to Kent, this time only playing songs that they love. It is the only criterion. And as long as they select the best tracks from the "You & I death" there is no reason to question the group’s judgement.

"Where are we now"

"As always, I flee to the music, the only place where I am". Most people who have followed and admired Kent — or love music at all — understand and clench their fists.


the Magnificent and heavy version where the white horses moving in slow motion on the monitors. Yes, white horses. What else?


Will surely grow into one of the concert favorites before the tour is over. This keeps the parts – choir, Jocke Berg, Sami Sirviös guitar – not really together.

"the Egoist"

For each time the chorus strikes, it feels as if the song soars up at least five placements on the Spotify top list.

"We are forever"

the Turnaround in the self-aggrandizement of the text, where a very fitting self-loathing bolmar forward, is the obvious highlight.

"Before it all ends/The left bank"

Kent cut away Radiohead-the pork from the "Isola"-the original and put the song in the same electrical outlet as the album "Red". Anyone who likes the group better for "Hagnesta Hill" makes a small wave. The transition to "The left bank" is seamless. The white tiger is striding forward on the screens. A happy reunion which in this context can be compared with when Justin Bieber takes off his shirt in his shows.

"La belle epoque"

the Text will be current long after Kent has stopped.

"Love is waiting"

No Kent-concert is complete without "Love is waiting". Sounds as if someone pours blood over the Svensktoppen.


A blazing inferno of projections, laser light and maskinbasgångar that lifts the spectators at the front several metres above the ground.

"I see you"

Much of the disc "I is not afraid of the dark" will never be my friend. The music is more generic than gripping. "I see you" is one of the exceptions. Live has a more powerful engine. Or four.


The obvious soundtrack to a romantic road movie that takes place on German highway autobahn.

"Music non stop"

Vrålsnyggt number where Kent appears in red backlight. The screens show female models with spökögon. The beat is more electro from the underworld than indiedisco für alle.

"Without your breath"

the Song, a favorite at many weddings, is arranged on the and get a harder synthfinish. If you get married to this must the bride, who they are, have a black dress and sorgflor. The end with the choir… Kent has only once come closer "With or without you" by U2…


… and here it is. This is also the start of the concert feel like a goodbye. Droppljuden fall, the chorus is majestic, the music grows in strength for every minute and it all culminates with Jocke Berg turns to the audience and sings, "You keep us alive". They respond with sway with your arms in a stunning cover of Depeche Modes arenanummer "Never let me down again".



Thanks to such texts do not need to Jocke Berg release an autobiography. It is enough to listen. "Forgiveness", however, has a bit to go before it becomes a powerful encore.


Everyone who loves the song should give a grateful thought to the basgångens mother: Kate Bush and the masterpiece "Running up that hill".

"the Man in the white hat (16 years later)"

"We are the ones who can’t die," sings Jocke Berg in extraverser at least not that I’ve heard before. And just when it feels that way.

Encore II

"The last song"

the children’s choir. "The stars are up, one fell down, and flew away, flew away." In all their bombastic simplicity – a dramaturgical perfect and well written end of the year.


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