Sunday, September 25, 2016

Olivia Bergdahl, Sweden’s Radio Novellpris 2016 – Sveriges Radio

Olivia Bergdahl received the Swedish Radio symphony novellpris at the book Fair in Gothenburg. The price is 25 000 sek.

She received the news that she won a couple of weeks before the awards ceremony, then on a night bus in California.

” I felt very grand and I enjoyed very much the romantic image of that I rode the night bus alone in the united states at the same time that I win a price in Sweden. But it was also a strange feeling, to not be able to talk with someone else. It was very high contrast and fine!

Olivia Bergdahl has for many years been prominent in the poetry slam for just over a year ago, her début, After the echo.
Tomas von Brömssen reading this short story based on a true and documented event.

the Text that is written specially for bbc Radio poses the question of who is crazy; the one who orders the war or who put down its weapons.

- Already when I was halvklar with the text so I came on to Tomas von Brömssen would read my text. When I came I wanted just him so I had his uppläsningssätt in the head when I was writing, which was great fun. Then when I heard him read the finished radionovellen so relaxed I of the.

About the Swedish Radio symphony novellpris For the fifteenth year, listeners got the chance to vote for the best radionovellen sent during the past year.

A jury consisting of kulturmedarbetare at the Swedish Radio has chosen five short stories, all crafted for P1 to send during the season 2015-2016. Over the years, the authors Stina Stoor, Bob Hansson and Arkan Asaad won the award.


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