Monday, September 5, 2016

Filip and Fredrik forgot to thank – and dropped the crystal – Aftonbladet

6 minutes.

As long caught Filip Hammar hug the crystal he and coupplehorse Fredrik Wikingsson won the Crystal Gala before it disappeared.
– I am ashamed of this he says to Aftonbladet.

the duo Filip Hammar , 41, and Fredrik Wikingsson , 43 , had a tough schedule during Sunday evening. First, they were at the Crystal Awards where they took home his ninth crystal. Already there was a hassle. The duo namely forgot to thank the viewers for the price – something they hastily got to apologize for.

From gaffe for gaffe

Then it got worse. They took a taxi straight to the studio to record its “Breaking News”. On the way there beat Filip Hammar oblivious to.

– I forgot the crystal in the taxi. It has, if I’ll be honest, happened before. It is not about negligence. It’s about any kind of diagnosis for me. I lost a lot of stuff, he says to Aftonbladet.

“I am ashamed”

On the way to the studio rehearsing Hammar and Wikingsson script. The crystal is placed Hammer on the floor in front of him.
– I should not have done. I am ashamed of this. I’m very happy about the price and it was not at all expected. I am humbled that people bothered with us.

The plan now is to regain the crystal on Monday.

– We have not been able to contact the driver. We have not had time for everything have gone in 170. But we expect that we will solve it.

“Calling crystals”

In fact, the duo lost all their nine crystals. Now broadcasting hammer out an ad to see if any of prices can be found.
– I would like to send an ad to all my crystals. Where the hell have they gone?

How long could you have it in your hand before you lost it?
– It must have been about six minutes.

are Fredrik mad at you because you lost it?
– I will not say that he has given up but it is clear that he will no longer be surprised. But this dynamic is also the people become accustomed. It would be rather odd if I suddenly just remembered everything, he says. READ ALSO PLUS So it went late for Philip & amp; Fredrik-originals


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