Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Springsteen performs at “Skavlan” on Friday – the Express newspaper

Bruce Springsteen performs at Skavlan on Friday.

the Recording has taken place in Manhattan.

– it Is someone moving a whole tv studio in New York, so is he, ” says Fredrik Skavlan in a press release.

On Friday fills the Bruce Springsteen 67 years and the same day he releases the music for his upcoming autobiography, “Born To Run”. And it doesn’t stop there.

the Same evening, the artist will appear in the box as a guest in Fredrik Skavlan. The recording has taken place in New York.

Bruce Springsteen has always been much loved by norwegians and swedes, me included. It is someone moving a whole tv studio in New York, so is he”, says Fredrik Skavlan in a press release.

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Beat the attendance record at Ullevi

The new music, “Chapter and Verse”, is 18 songs of which five pieces have been published previously.

The legendary artist broke the record earlier in the year when he played three sold-out concerts at the Ullevi stadium in the space of a month. 190 336 people saw him play in Gothenburg in the summer.

His previous record was from the year 2013, when 167 000 people saw him.

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Bruce Springsteen halsoperation

Earlier this fall, told Bruce Springsteen for Vanity Fair about a massive operation that he underwent three years ago. He had suffered from numbness due to a damaged disk in the neck. During the operation they cut up his neck, and his throat was closed temporarily.

“It was very nervous, but a successful surgery for me,’ said Bruce Springsteen to Vanity Fair about the operation.

After the procedure, could the artist not to sing in over three months.

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