Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Already over between Swift and Hiddleston – Aftonbladet

In three months lasting love.

Star couple Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston now go their separate ways.

– It was she who pulled the brake a source said to US Weekly.

Love has run out between the artist Taylor Swift , 26, and actor Tom Hiddleston , 35. It confirms several sources of US Weekly.

– It was she who pulled the brake. Tom wanted that relationship to be more public than she was comfortable with. Taylor knows the drawbacks of showing love publicly but Tom did not listen to her concerns when she brought it up, says a source told the newspaper.

By the end of August it was reported that the couple’s love waned. Then they have argued that they could not be seen as much as they wanted. This, in conjunction with Hiddleston traveled to Australia to record “Thor: Ragnarok”.

– They get along well and want to remain friends. But it does not work for those romantic moment, says a source to Us Weekly.

The same month, came the reports that Taylor Swift turned down Tom Hiddlesons marriage proposal because she thought it went too fast.

– He does not want to play any games. He wants something that is real and wants to marry. Now he has given her an ultimatum, said a source when the weekly magazine InTouch.

Shortly after it was taken over between Taylor Swift and star-dj Calvin Harris speculated that if she and Tom Hiddleston were a couple.

the two were seen flirting with each other during the Met gala in May earlier this year. And in June, the picture then they were kissing on a beach in Rhode Island.

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