Sunday, September 4, 2016

Rachel Chukri: Amy Schumer is best when she releases all latches – Helsingborgs Dagblad


Review: Amy Schumer . 2/9, Forum, Copenhagen.

Amu Schumer / archive. Photo: Chris Pizzello

An hour before Amy Schumer went on stage in Copenhagen was the queue for the bar long . Hordes of people bought at the beer, sweet schnapps in plastic pipes and deceptively refreshing alcohol-ice creams. Damn, I thought, now there will be a replay of Schumers Wednesday show in Stockholm, where a drunk guy yelling “Show your tits” – and was thrown out.

But no, the concrete colossus Forum were no hecklers. Just excited Schumerälskare.

And Amy Schumer, one of America’s most hyped comedians, delivered exactly what the audience expected of her jokes that switches between the cute and the raw, meaty marinated in body fluids and bakfylle- anxiety.

Just as in the series “Inside Amy Schumer” and the movie “Trainwreck” she’s best when she releases all latches. Like when she was in Copenhagen offered hilarious vagina monologues. On a good day, she said, smell during life as a small barn animals. Type a goat. On his worst day stinks vagina as Isis. And that’s the way it should be! she cries. It is, after all, not a flower.

Amy Schumers stage persona is like a younger sister to buddy freaky couple Edina and Patsy in “Absolutely fabulous.” Venereal diseases, bad sex and memory lapses are not shameful – they are badges of honor. That is why she is loved by all who are tired of präktighet ideal and instead want to hear jokes about how best to get from the bed to the shower after condom loose sex without the “leak” on the carpet.

But the Schumer kids always an edifying lesson. She has said it herself, she as well as the smuggling of feminist views in puns. And when Amy Schumer fall out of his persona she says magnificent, boring jokes about how stupid Americans are, and the need to support Hillary Clinton. That was the reason for her stand up show was uneven – it was like that sometimes served vodka, sometimes carrot juice. There were many asgarv but also parties with dutiful giggle.

Amy Schumer still managed to hold together the two roles. When she railed against the fashion writers who described her as “brave” rather than sexy when she posed nude on camera, screaming crowd out their support for her. And they continued to laugh when she said: “I like all races and religions. Not that it matters at this snöpartyt. Where are all the black people? “

It takes a real pro to entertain a large audience and send them home with a smile on his face, and with new ideals for the maxi panties and Isis-smelling vagina.


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