Friday, September 30, 2016

Bieber is no Gaga, Beyoncé or Rihanna – Expressen

this is an apology to Justin Bieber. He laid the mic. Sang with maintaining the Jackson 5-sue and danced both gracefully and with the swag.

He showed barely even undressed.

When Justin was here in 2013, he was a teen who if possible was even more in love with himself than what his loyal beliebers. During Thursday’s concert were rumors that he was under the weather and underpresterade. The talk very much and outraged that he is using the microphone as an accessory.

So when Justin Bieber goes up on stage during his second Sweden-gig this time around, he has everything to prove. For The Purpose of the World Tour is not the small skitspelning at any time. It is a 114 stop the long tour that lasts for half a year. But an artist who holds all kinds of records.

Justin Bieber is no Beyoncé who sings the hell out of the arena. He is no One Direction that charms the audience to gelehjärtan. He’s no Miley Cyrus, who surpasses himself in knasighet and provocation in each number.

He is no Lady Gaga that added a million on to build a castle on stage. And he is no skandaldrottning like Rihanna.

He is nothing but a little of each.

Scendekoren based on the digital light shows in the fastidious style. A number of scenplatåer be hoisted up and down a bit gratuitous. But the big dansargänget makes the show brilliant. Not least when the athletically hanging in ropes in front of a sparkling galaxy of pink explosions. And Justin himself impresses with his steps. At the same time, he is in every way a barnstjärna who has just become an adult.

Bieber not feeling top needed either a doctor or a psychology degree to figure out. Get or really no one has passed the press as a young supervärldsstjärnor operate under. Not Britney, Not Amy, Not Kurt, Not Rihanna, not directly Miley. Success is dangerous.

Therefore, it is unreasonable to expect all of a single artist.

So when it comes down to it here with the microphone, mimandet and authenticity… At some concerts it is not the actual sångprestationen and competence that is the core. It may as well be the experience to see their idol in real life along with 40,000 others.

When Justin at the end is motionless in the spotlight and receive their beliebers admiration in the form of iiiiiiiiiiii so moderating it is not. It increases the longer he stands there motionless.

What can he do, it is Justin Bieber worth.


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