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Rakel Chukri: the Women, rescued the book fair – Helsingborgs Dagblad

A down in the dumps vänsterakademiker shook his head in Friday evening. Around us was going on one of the book’s countless parties, but he was perplexed. Like many, he was disappointed that a notorious far-right newspaper allowed to have a booth at this year’s book fair. A journal that is not ashamed to invite holocaust deniers.

Where is the resistance, he wondered?

the Debate does not end on Sunday when the exhibition hall closes. Certainly, the organizers have handled the debate taffligt, but I’m leaving Gothenburg inspired by several examples of how resistance might look like in policy and in the literature. And it is mainly kulturkvinnorna that have shown the light in the darkness.

saudi Ensaf Haidar. Her struggle began not in 2012 when the spouse and the blogger Raif Badawi was sentenced to 1,000 lashes and ten years in prison. Her battle began when the parents refused to go with on that she herself would choose a life partner. As she said in Saturday’s journal: "Love is forbidden in my country." When we met in Gothenburg, she stressed also the importance of having allies. To be a human rights defender is no solo gig. She has a large international network.

In her newly released book of mormon activism, a human face, when she describes the three children arduous process to accept the situation. Raif Badawi has been in the news often been depicted as a lone hero who fought for the freedom of expression. But he acted in a context. And today it is his wife and children for his actions.

the Author Jennifer Clement was another of the the Book stars. Through its strong commitment to the vulnerable girls and women broadens the she our understanding of freedom of expression. She highlights persons whose bodies are subjected to violence and, thus, silenced. It can be about the kidnapped girls in Mexico or barnbrudar in Afghanistan. It is a type of censorship that is often overlooked.

jungle drum took up the bodily aspect. The journal has the right to fair but continued to hold the debate. In a strong article wrote Felicia Gauffin Jatta and Micaela Arancibia Lattapiat about the physical threat which consisted of the extreme right-wing newspaper’s presence. It is that, for many, is primarily an ideological issue, a physical issue for them.

the Opposition also expressed in poetry – this central genre that usually get so inconspicuous location at the book Fair. When the parts of the Culture began to talk about getting the debate with persons connected to naziströrelsen, published Athena Farrokhzad a protestdikt on Facebook which quickly spread. She wrote among other things about the Jimi Joonas Karttunen, who was murdered by the nazis in Helsinki on Saturday. Perhaps it is time for newspapers to start publishing dagsverser.

Also Kulturmansdebatten intensified at this year’s fair. Ebba Witt-Brattström and Åsa Beckman for around between the workshops and stressed that the female art and female experience needs to be highlighted more. And that it is time for men to start asking questions to the women instead to keep the box themselves. An acquaintance, a 50-plussare, told me that the men of culture at the fair had begun to confess to each other that they probably should get better at listening instead of pulling their old anecdotes. A certificate that the arts make a difference.

It will certainly to be many who feel slokörade when they go home today and wonder why there was not some grandiose manifestations. But many have also listened to lectures and nodded: I’m with her. In the years it was kulturkvinnorna who fought hardest to push the political depression.

Tv. who missed the Fair can see some of the författarsamtalen on urplay.see. Among other things, Patti Smith, talking about life, art and love.

Books. Multiple guest writer was on the spot. Jude Dibia, launched his debut novel on the Swedish and Parvin Ardalan “Women making HERstory”.

the Name. There were few Nobeltippade author at the fair this year. But the poet Adonis was here. An interview with him coming soon in the magazine.


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