Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Springsteen’s unknown operation – had his throat cut – Aftonbladet

Bruce Springsteen body numb – and he was forced into a tough surgery.

In an interview with Vanity Fair says the star of the unknown procedure – and its fight against depressions .

– You do not know the disease parameters, he says in the interview.

on september 27, released the book “Born to run” – an autobiography of superstar Bruce Springsteen , 66. But now the artist has opened up about some of the content in an interview with the magazine Vanity fair.

Something large parts of the interview touches are depressions Springsteen falls in periodically. He has several times been in therapy and taking antidepressants, but for the first time, he goes deeper in the state.

– You do not know the parameters of the disease. Can I get so sick that I become more like my father than I thought ?, he says in the interview.

Where crushed

Just as Bruce also suffered his dad Doug Springsteen of depression which affected their relationship. Bruce often treated based on his father’s mood, with renunciation or anger.

The fight against depression is still ongoing. In the book “Born to Run”, he shares how he felt for not all that long ago.

“I was crushed between 60 and 62, good for one year and then back again between 63 and 64, “he writes.

While Springsteen worked on and recorded an album. But at home it was impossible to hide how he was feeling.

“Patti ( Patti Scialfa Reds. Note. ) saw a freight train full of nitroglycerine tracked from. She took me to the doctor and said, ‘This man needs a pill,’ “writes the artist in his book, according to Vanity Fair.

Operated neck

Another ailment Bruce Springsteen takes into interview, the numbness he felt in the body that made it difficult to play the guitar. It turned out to be due to a herniated disc in his neck, which in turn led to a surgery.

The procedure involves Springsteen got his throat slit and resulted in that he could not sing for three months.

– it was strenuous but has been very successful for me, he tells Vanity Fair.

Now planned tours carefully so there is always the date to recover between gigs.

Releases new album

Next year, Bruce Springsteen released his new album. And for the first time since the “Wrecking Ball” contains the entire record new songs.

Too much like he did not disclose, but some news he offers.

– It’s a soloablum, more as a singer-songwriter album, he says in the interview.

But not as the former “Nebraska,” “the ghost of Tom Joad” and “Devils & amp; dust “, but more inspired by the collaboration between composer Jimmy Webb and artist Glen Campbell in the 60s.

– A pop album with a lot of strings and orchestration. It is in the same spirit, he tells Vanity Fair.

The album, which as yet has no name, it has been clear for over a year but had been put aside as Bruce Springsteen both toured and wrote on his book.

no exact date for when the album is released is not yet available.


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