Monday, September 5, 2016

Carl-Michael Eden Borg celebrates Tone Schunnessons ego trip spirit debut novel – Aftonbladet

book review. The word “trip reports” aimed mostly on the internet post where young people declaims about their intake of bizarre amounts and mixtures of drugs: vulgar, frivolous and dangerous.

When the word is the title of a novel on the venerable Norstedts it becomes exotic, almost obscene. Not least when the author studied at Bishop Arnos writing school – like almost every debutante of the major publishers nowadays. But the title of Tone Schunnessons debut novel is quite right. The text is written without a seatbelt and safe-word , perhaps of death. It is humorous, lyrical, hard-boiled, exhibitionistic and poetic.

Schunnessons text similar to the blurred självmytologiserande, meta-irony vaginal discharge that drowns young people’s diaries and computer equipment. But this novel has a unique style. The missing chapters, instead it consists of departments at around two sides ending with a snappy punch line. It is highly musical – on the surface chaotic, cluttered and choppy, deep calm swells, almost waddling. This music is enhanced by the many departments dissolves in lyrikens broken lines.

In addition, constructing the author peculiar phrases like “but I’m sorry the way into the most intimate …” or “He trying to take his life at times, frivolous suicide. “

the word” freedom “does not appear even if the idea is central. The deputy’s “autonomy” – new times, new words, same shit. Trip reports are an ambivalent tribute to individualism and narcissism, the man who himself has found his first love – with a wink to the Whitney Houston bizarre power ballad.

In elderly female liberation literature have sex often been at the center. But in Schunnessons novel reduced sex to long-winded masturbation sessions in front of the webcam during those glorious, stissiga, horny, timeless hours during avtändningen from any stimulant drug.

Instead of six Thus drugs: mainly the classic party drugs. Drug enthusiast text may produce neurological effects. The descriptions of the bitter MDMA crystals enchanting movements of the nervous system is really refreshing.

If I were to point out a substance that characterizes the text, it would be cocaine. The pound DEVICES idiolect is called “charge” – a word used in an almost lyrical way in the novel. No other drug reinforces narcissism as cocaine. Guaranteed confidence for half an hour and just over a penny! And the user must fill in the often: see the novel’s relatively short sections.

Writing amphetamine, Sartre , produces long, wordy texts. Opiatbrukare as Burroughs tinker until drawling and slurred lyrics. The best is that of polydrug users as Hunter S. Thompson . But the big ketaminförfattaren we are still waiting. Maybe Schunnesson can get it?

Love The drug MDMA’s effects are depicted slightly cynical of Schunnesson, as in the reply, “I feel so very damn about you”, with its dry abbreviation. Love believes her autonomous protagonist is not on, rather than steal it happily from her parents and lies flatly on their siblings and borrow voraciously money that will never be paid back.

As the novel relief projects are ambivalent. The main character could be read as an image of our time hero – individualist who shamelessly borrows, rampant consume, ruthless enjoying life and unconscionable never repent.

Schunnesson and her gritty protagonist is not entirely comfortable with this. Across the contempt for remorse and doubt and guilt, breathe text of a depressed confession, an advanced defense against implicit accusations of irresponsibility and egoism: “It’s not like we killed someone, honey, we just left them to die.”

Read in a literary context appears Trip Reports , however, as less social custom. Schunnesson resembles a Nöjesguiden- Charles Bukowski made a pundig Pippi Longstocking who live one second at a time, on the run from Dickens two cities modernized to Barcelona and Bangkok.

Self-injury and självbefläckelsen flow together here. Self-Hatred and egoism have the same soul. The anxiety and happiness are inseparable.

The only protagonist lacks is peace. The object of the yearning emerges as a salt desert: dry, barren, desolate.

The deepest paradox of this novel consists of the meeting between the shameless narcissistens exhibitionism and the reader, a reader who dare to bear to live alone the author and his own dirt. This creates something so absurd and beautiful as a narcissist the Community – an individualist the sociality.

There are things that only happens in books.


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