Sunday, September 4, 2016

Lindorff ran out of the crystal and shouted – Aftonbladet

It was too much for Linda Lindorff.

After yet another loss of “Farmer Wants a Wife” surged emotions over.

– I gave from me a really Ronja-screams and let out all the emotions, says Linda Lindorff Nöjesbladet.

There was no gain for “Farmer Wants a wife” in year either. Just like last year chose Linda Lindorff to leave the room when the winner for “Best reality show” presented. People who were outside the fair responded when TV host suddenly rushed out of the building and gave a yell from. Nöjesbladet telling her what was happening:

– When I realized that once again we will without a price, I chose to leave the table and then I ran through the lobby and out of the building. When I came out, I gave from me a really Ronja-screams and let out all the emotions. Then disappeared nervousness and disappointment, says Linda Lindorff. READ ALSO Lindorff’s clothing coup: Come in wedding dress

It was “Raiders of the bestseller” which tricks the price of “Farmer Wants a Wife”.
peasants in search of love has now appeared in the box for ten years and has been nominated for the Crystal several times, but without winning. Now Lindorff chosen to confront two of the jurors to get an explanation as to why.

– It’s the new programs that are rewarded. They have told me that if one is a program that has been a long time, it is harder to win, says Linda Lindorff and continues:

– I think it’s sad to see that real love is not enough. And I have to react and feel, it does not mean I do not begrudge others their profits.


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