Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Carina Berg leads Barncancerfonden Galan – Aftonbladet

From Crystal to charity humor.

Carina Berg, 38, leads Childhood Cancer Gala and lends humor to raise money for cancer research.

– I is not afraid of emotional throws and the difficult, she says.

for the second year in a row to be humor to help raise money for the children’s Cancer Foundation.

on October 3 goes “Childhood Cancer Gala – the Swedish humor price” held at Berns in Stockholm. Gala broadcast in Channel 5 and is led by program director Carina Berg .

– I said yes without circumlocution. It is such a lovely idea and thought except to salute all the wonderful comic geniuses in Sweden, there is of course a bottom and weight in this. There will be no more sense than trying to raise money to eradicate childhood cancer, she said.

“Humor is a great location”

The subject affects Carina Berg extra because she has herself the son Holger 7.

– There is an extra layer of recognition. I will be unhappy if my child has a fever for the third consecutive day. It is like a drop compared with the sea that washes over you if you are involved in something like this.

How do you handle the combination of humor and child cancer?

– Humor is a great place in today’s cancer care and sjukhusclowerna plays an important role. In addition, there is research on how joy can bring vitality and hope. It is clearly linked. I imagine that I will be midway between peaks and Dalarna.

Keyyo’s sidekick

Carina Berg gets the help of YouTube and humor profile Kristina “Keyyo” Petrushina, 19, acting sidekick during the gala.

– She’s so professional, cool, funny and smart, says Carina.

Humor Prize is awarded in seven different categories and the jury consists of several famous comedians. Babben Larsson , Annika Lantz and Peter Magnusson are some of them. Just like last year, Aftonbladet to have a partnership with the Childhood Cancer Gala and be with and vote for this year’s web humor.

Childhood Cancer Gala – the Swedish humor price broadcast in Channel 5 on 3 October.


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