Sunday, September 25, 2016

The star’s Oslo gigs in the weekend, not impressed – Aftonbladet

Soon he is here.

But it can be a mediocre show for the Swedish Justin Bieber fans.

After two concerts in Norway, type VG reviewer that the star would rather be anywhere else than at the scene.

canadian recording artist Justin Bieber, 22, is currently one of the world’s biggest stars. His tour "the Purpose of the world tour" has already made its way through the united states and Canada.

Now located in Europe where tickets have sold out in no time. And if just a few days, better said on Thursday the 29 september, taking the pop star Tele2 Arena in Stockholm, sweden. On 30 september he does it again.

Two concerts thus waiting for the artist and his Swedish fans. But before the Hartwall Arena in Helsinki, Finland, to be filled – even the two times.

Mediocre show

What, then, can the Swedish fans expect? According to Norwegian media, it is a mediocre show with just the right amount of commitment from Justin Bieber.

The last few days has the star been in Oslo and entertained the audience. Where he conducted two concerts as the newspaper VG’s reviewer considered "an okay popshow". In the review it says that there is lots of boredom, get both the audience and the pop star himself. He dutifully carries out koreografins easier parts and mimes instead of sing. It seemed like the artist wanted to be someone else, writes the reviewer.

But there are also highs. One of the highlights of bieber’s version of Tracy Chapman "Fast car". The song is about getting away from reality sing in the world cup, with great empathy.

As a whole got to the concert a third in score from Norwegian PLEASE

Aftonbladet reviewer Per Magnusson gave in the world cup, however, four plus, after a Hell on the Island in the beginning of september.

Data: "Lived in luxury"

During his stay in Norway he was linked to the world cup, lived in a luxury villa on the island of Nesöya in the oslo fjord. This is according to VG, who also write that he has not been seen in the vicinity of the house. On the other hand, VG’s reporters have been asked to leave the place of English-speaking guards, as they approached the villa.

the House has previously been sold for 45 million Norwegian kroner. Last time it was up for sale was in may earlier this year – then had the plot valued at 66 million. There is no indication on how much it was sold for.

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