Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Sverrir Gudnason transformation to Björn Borg – Swedish Radio

After the interview says Sverrir Gudnason me to see something, and so he picks up the cell phone.
There he has some photos from the shooting of the film about Bjorn Borg, and that’s Bjorn Borg in which the pictures. The look, the hair, the beard and the hair band.
And the pictures of the tennis court, he has worn out tvåhandsfattningen with träracketen.

There are so similar, but no images may be displayed yet. Film recordings are in full swing.

– two hours a day for five months, I played tennis. So you could say that my form curve is pointing straight up. I could not tennis when I got the role, says Sverrir.

– And I’ve gone around in workout clothes the whole time.

Sverrir also shows a picture where he and Shia LaBeouf poses for a match. Shia LaBeouf plays John McEnroe in the movie, which mainly concentrates on the period’s life, when he and McEnroe suggested to be the best in the world.
Between 1978 and 1981, they met in 14 games and won seven each.

Right now play in Prague and Sverrir Gudnason is just at home in Sweden to promote the film version of Hjalmar Söderberg’s classic “The Serious Game” in which he plays Arvid.


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