Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Right turns – new ‘Frimans’ at the time – financial times

After three seasons, the series have been over.

But there came a turnabout – is now aiming the creators behind the Swedish "Fröken Frimans war" with a fourth season.

“We thought that it would be the end of it,” says SVT-producer Maria Nordenberg

There is more to tell about class and kvinnokampen in the early 1900s.

Viewers are waiting to see the third season of "Fröken Frimans krig" which has not yet been broadcast in SVT. The idea was that it would round off the story.

Now Nöjesbladet reveal that a turnaround has taken place. It worked on a fourth season – which, however, has not yet been given the green light by SVT.

– the Screenwriter Pernilla Oljelund writing for full. We hope on recording next year, and then with the sending christmas 2017. It is our ambition and hope. We have many stories left to tell, really, ” says Maria Nordenberg, producer at SVT.

” We thought it was over after three seasons and was not going to anymore. "Fröken Frimans krig" has been almost too successful and halted other projects. But everyone wants to continue. The actors love the "Friman" and their characters. The same applies to the team, continue Nordenberg. SEE ALSO PLUS 20 tv shows you must see 2016

Screenwriter Pernilla Oljelund explains that the script unfolds in 1908. Thus, the year before the great strike, which was the culmination of years of conflict between employers and workers.

– It is supposed to be about women’s relationship to the labor movement. In this, there are also private stories. I’m simply not finished yet. It would be amazing with the four seasons. I feel a huge commitment from everyone in the gang, ” says Oljelund.

the First round was shown the christmas and new year holidays 2013-2014. Over 1.5 million saw the each section.

” I think one reason for the success is that the series is different from any other tv drama. All the other revolves around greed, selfishness and violence, this is about solidarity and idealism, ” said Sissela Kyle in an interview with Nöjesbladet 2015.

Sissela Kyle plays Dagmar Friman (based on the real Anna Whitlock), who in 1905 started a livsmedelskooperativ, Swedish Home in Stockholm together with some other women, played by Frida Hallgren, Maria Hill, Sofia Ledarp and Lena T Hansson.

The third season of "Fröken Frimans krig" broadcast christmas 2016. Season number four waiting for the green light from the SVT.

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