Sunday, September 4, 2016

Vera Vitali makes the role in English – Sydsvenskan


Now Vera Vitali made English-language film debut. In the west the movie “Brimstone” competing in Venice, she plays a madam who shoots down a customer. – It was something completely new for me. I really wanted to get the role, she says.

Vera Vitali has made her first role in English in the movie “Brimstone”. Photo: Cornelius Poppe / TT

Actress Vera Vitali makes a day visit to Venice to be part of the film’s gala premiere. Guy Pearce and Dakota Fanning star in this very violent and dark tale of obsession and fanaticism in the 1870s the United States.

– Everything was a challenge, but, for example, to shoot with a dampickadol was fun. The first day it was straight into the brothel scenes. So it was no soft start, says Vera Vitali said.

Her scenes took two weeks to record. She filmed in a studio in Berlin and in a mining town outside the city. The role got Vera Vitali after a friend of director Martin Koolhoven tipped off about her after seeing her in the Norwegian film “Blind.”

– I watched “Blind” and thought she was outstanding. How easy it was, says Koolhoven.

Vitali says that she would make more English language movies and an agent abroad is going on.

At home in Sweden Vitali strictly occupied with the upcoming SVT series “family Bonus” made by Felix Herngren. Vitali and Erik Johansson play a couple who move in together and both have children from before.

– It is very much based on Felix’s own life, just as the ‘sunny side’, but it is more drama than the series was.

“Bonus family” will premiere in March, but it seems to be confident of success because it already plays in season two.

Facts: Vera Vitali

• Born in 1981 in Stockholm.

• Broke through the television miniseries “Hinselhäxan”.

• Has also appeared in films including “My so-called father “and” the white people “.

• Is the current with his first film in English. In the west the movie “Brimstone” she plays the madam Sally.


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