Thursday, September 29, 2016

Justin Bieber seems sad and indifferent – Expressen

maybe He is the world’s biggest star.

But Bieber seems most sad and indifferent at the scene.

her Husband to the loyal and loving fans are hard to find. Justin Bieber has it, but it does not seem to be particularly important. We know that he has said unpleasant things to the fans before out on the street, but you couldn’t believe that the star would take that attitude to the job at the scene.

Justin Bieber seems not to want to be at the Tele2 arena.

When you study his facial expressions on the large screens, you are confronted by someone who does not seem to bother it at the very minimum. He has empty eyes and looks sad.

Then you have to wonder, of course, why you sitting here with 40 000 other happy people. I get the feeling that find me at a surprise party for my fictional spoiled little brother and guests consists of great-aunt, and the dreary nonconformist nästkusinerna and little brother store forced to spend a night on this crew, instead of to hang out with friends.

Bieber manages to get the audience to feel completely unimportant.

He does his job carelessly and has already sung the songs in advance, which is played playback.

It means that he does not need to sing.

at All.

And he makes no secret of it either. In some cases, have the energy to Bieber’t even have to lift the microphone to his mouth to keep a live feel.

the Benefit is that he will not have to worry about problems, for the tour can, in principle, be implemented even if he had been forced to surgically remove the vocal cords.

When the 20-minute long, completely unfounded the break occurs after the "No pressure", goes the audience out of its trance but Bieber manages to build it up again when he rises in the kilt.

How indifferent it is, there are of course some exceptions. Bieber is a good dancer, and the number in the "Where are ü now" is powerful.

finely tuned, it is also when he is sitting alone with an acoustic guitar and sings "Cold water" with feeling.

Megahitsen "What do you mean" and "Sorry" can, in principle, not fail and it is when the latter is played as you wish Bieber had given the same energy throughout the evening. When he is completely wonderful.

But I feel sorry for those who have paid expensive money for a magical evening and I hope for a higher power level before concert number two in Stockholm.


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