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Internet. Adults must dare to talk about what is happening on the network – without introducing prohibition. That was the message when some 50 young people discussed the Internet with Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sophia. Now promise Royal couple to work for dialogue between children and parents will get better.

– I think that many young people lack that we adults may not take the time to discuss at the level they want, says Prince Carl Philip to TT after the meeting.

Bullying, hatred and insults – many adults are worried about their children’s lives on the Internet. But how to tell it the right way? While feeling some children badly and feel that they lack adult to talk to.

crystal clear message

on Wednesday received fifty schoolchildren from Stockholm opportunity to discuss the matter at the Castle. Behind the invitation was Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia Foundation, who want to find ways to better communication between children and adults when it comes to the net. And the children’s message to the adult world is obvious.

– You have to take it easy and do not make children stressed. Otherwise, they will not tell you, for they believe that parents become angry, says the participant Dorna Montazer, which is grade 6 at Kista elementary school, to the TT after the meeting.

– One should not cut to the chase and get angry, Erik Frykholmsgatan the pupil in grade 8 at Vasa Real.

Wednesday’s debate is seen by the Royal couple as a starting point for improving communication. As an adult it is about being able to talk about life online – a natural part of children’s lives today – without being intimidated or introduce bans, says the Princess Sofia after having taken note of the views of children.

– First of all, we must not be afraid of the Internet, and it is not only bad things there, she says.

– You should dare to have trust their child. That he has a life on the internet and it’s okay. And to have the dialogue – “you need the help as I’m here.”

Work on

Prince the couple now intend to continue working on the issue through the Foundation.

– Now we summarize and discuss the next steps. Continue to have meetings with various authorities and politicians to see how we can do and what we should do, says Prince Carl Philip.

– We hope to start both a podcast and a youtube channel to add it to the level where the youth are, says the Princess Sophia.

– We should do something concrete from this. It is our ambition.


Prince Couple’s foundation

the foundation was formed in connection with Prince Couple’s wedding in June 2015.

It builds on Prince couple’s personal commitment, with the areas of activity to work against hatred and bullying online, and to prevent bullying because of dyslexia.

the foundation’s goal is to collect “a diversity of actors with different experiences, knowledge and insights. in this way we hope to contribute to the increased exchange of ideas and new forms of cooperation.”

Source: Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia foundation


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