Thursday, September 29, 2016

Here, partying Justin Bieber in Stockholm – Expressen

the Last time Justin Bieber was in Sweden, he dived himself up on his colleague DJ Tay James party at the exclusive nightclub, Rose.

Now do the friend the same thing again and it becomes the party where both Thursday and Friday.

at the same time, is the secrecy on where the world cup will stay whole.

Now, pull it together. Justin Bieber arrives to Sweden for two big appearances on the Tele 2 arena 29 and 30 september.

the Hysteria is likely to be in the closest total to the front of the stage and at the hotels which are relevant for the superstar to stay in the brace for the chaos outside the entrance.

When Justin Bieber 2013, stayed at the Grand Hotel in Stockholm tried rows of fans to enter to get a glimpse of their idol. The secrecy about where the world cup will be staying this time, however, is large.

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He is playing in Helsinki in the evening of 27 september and is expected to arrive shortly.

the Last time Justin Bieber was in the country to organise his colleague DJ Tay James party at the exclusive nightclub, the Rose in the centre of Stockholm.

So, even now.

Both Thursday and Friday this week there will be a party after the shows.

the Last time it went came Justin Bieber there for yourself to unleash in Stockholmsnatten. He danced before the astounded visitors and also took the opportunity to take their own pictures of the guests. In the world cup, hesitated not to throw the clothes and posed happily with the bare-chested. Just like his colleague, DJ Tay James.

At half past three on the night went to Justin Bieber and his team, where a number of bodyguards included, up to the to the public closed to the upstairs.

The time hold the party on until just after four in the morning, when the artist left the Rose in a large black car.

Rose owner Robert Hållstrand has not gone to reach for a comment.

Remains to see if it even once becomes long festnatt in Sweden for Justin Bieber.


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