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Embarrassing dad in the business world, a German filmsensation – Svenska Dagbladet

"I wanted to tell you something about family relationships, which can be so insanely static." Photo: Dave Bedrosian/IBL

We reach Maren Ade, born in 1976, on the telephone, at home in Berlin. She is psyched and happy about the otippade success, nice confirmation for her film ideas that fall outside the usual genres. With just two movies, among other things, garnered awards at the Berlin film festival, she managed to organize a funding of 4 million euros. A receipt of her energy and egenförfattat kvalitetsmanus that she worked on in four years.

600 000 people have seen the film at home.

"My father Toni Erdmann" premiered at the Cannes film festival in may, it has been shown on the ditto in Toronto. 600 000 people have seen the film at home since late July and has been sold to 60 countries, "including the whole of Europe," she says enthusiastically. Her story about the big lufsiga the father with the 1968 proggvärderingar, which makes a överraskningsbesök of its austere daughter with ice-cold consulting career in Bucharest who have their sights on a location in Shanghai, is selected as Germany’s contribution to the Oscars award for best foreign language film in 2017.

” I wanted to tell you something about family relationships, which can be so insanely static. All have acquired or been assigned roles and stay in them as long as the relationship consists. It is very difficult to step out of them.

Photo: Andrew H Walker/IBL

But that is precisely what the father, a retired music teacher, doing when he notices that he does not have contact with his daughter, and that the difference between their lives is a moat. By dressing up in tie, the costume, the wig and the excessive false teeth will be father Winfried, a gammaltyskt name with the meaning "fredsvän", the eccentric konsultcoachen Toni Erdmann. The daughter’s name, Ines, can read the be inferred that "the obefäckade" or "the consecrated" – Maren Ade does not leave much to chance when she is working. Toni Erdmann (the surname means "jordmannen") intrudes in her daughter’s life, talking with her colleagues and sabotaging the – almost – important client meetings. With its skämtlynne blot out her. The strange thing is that she stands out with it, become curious, and partially to play with in his masquerade.

Photo: Triart

” Their relationship is not honest. The father comes with his mjukisstil. It is insidious because it holds so much unspoken criticism of her daughter’s choice of career. She becomes more interested in his alter ego, Toni Erdmann, than by his old father.

the Inspiration for the figures and to generationskonflikten comes partly from the large and influential group of 68′s in the former west Germany, achtundsechziger as they are called. Partly from the own father skämtlynne. But above all, from a young German business woman, Lotte Braun, as the director sought out in Bucharest. The scenes away with client meetings, cocktailmingel with a home elite, the routines in an efficient German consulting firm and the clash with the old Eastern europe’s obsolete employment and industrial structure is taken from Braun’s life as expat, Romania.

Maren Expanded film is chockfull of comedy.

– Lotte Braun has actually written a kundpresentationen in the script, it is completely authentic.

Maren Expanded film is chockfull of comedy and ludicrous situations, but also has a philosophical undertone. Different worldviews clashing against each other, each one dictated by the generation that has gone before. The father has a clear rise of google, his own föräldrageneration that had a clear connection to the Third reich and Hitlertiden has affected the choice of lifestyle.

For her daughter, it is not as easy to distinguish between friend and foe, the world has become more complex, and the name of the father superficially politically correct attitude seems to her simple, yes, naive. For example, he asks her if she is happy, really.

And I wondered if he would have asked the same question to a son, or if he in that case would have accepted his choice of career. He is disturbed by her disciplined façade, of the hardness and she becomes, in turn, provoked on several levels. His question is too primitive. It is wrong from a feminist perspective because it implies that her job is not the real her.

The great success of "My father Toni Erdmann" means that Maren Ade himself has learned something about his price.

” the Demand is such that I would be able to provide interviews for days on end, but it may not go to extremes. I have two small children to consider. Yet, I feel that it is now the case. It is important for me to do more pr.

Therefore, she goes right in this moment to New York to present their drama in komediförklädnad for the US media.


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