Friday, September 30, 2016

“My father Toni Erdmann” in handcuffs in the blazing Bucharest – Radio Sweden

An example only: the Father chaining together and the daughter with a couple of skojhandbojor and can’t find the key. The two need to be out in the rough outskirts to find someone who can worship. There are so many jokes, so much the morale to pull out of the scene. But regin does not make it. But they take the car, get unlocked without the prut river and then sits afterwards with completely blank faces in the back seat.

There is a way to trust that the situation will suffice. In real life – imagine yourself that you get to go far out in the unknown areas in a big strange city for you to sit in the handcuff with your parent – it would be a memory for life.

Ade trust completely in such situations and on the actual site, Bucharest, to its bråddjupa divisions based on class and inflamed nyrikedom enough. Enough and over.


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