Friday, September 30, 2016

Cecilia Lindqvist: “A kulturmord” – Helsingborgs Dagblad

the Museum, far eastern antiquities and the museum of Ethnography moved into the same building. The radical proposal comes from Världskulturmuseernas management believes that the business would be better. China expert Cecilia Lindqvist do not agree with. – This is a kulturmord.

Ann Follin, director of the national museums of world culture, suggests a co-location. Arkivbild.Image: Bertil Ericson/TT

In the report, which has now been submitted to the ministry of culture proposes Världskulturmuseernas management to a co-location of the three Stockholmsmuseerna will be investigated. Museiledningen sketch itself at three possible options: the three museums move into existing premises in the Area which adapted and built on, the museums are moving into another already existing building or as a third option, a newly built museum.

” We’re not talking the closure of the museums, we’re talking development. You can, of course, fail to do something, but then also the future review gloomy. This is a number of scenarios, which means that we can strengthen our business, while we make it for the taxpayers, lower cost, says Ann Follin, Världskulturmuseernas superintendent.

She wants in the moment not to say something about how the number of employees affected at a co-location.

the Background to this proposal is bad economics. The state treasury has previously pointed to “decisive action” is necessary to the national museums of world culture shall obtain an economy in balance, an assessment that museiledningen parts.

In the day go for the large proportion of the budget to local and staff costs.

” What is interesting is that this has been initiated by the rental model. If the politicians decide that the model is not sensible for Världskulturmuseerna that will serve all ends up it all in a different light, ” says Eva Myrdal, senior researcher and curator at the East asian museum.

One explanation for the high cost of premises is the current model with the market rents for kulturfastigheter. Museiledningen want the government lets the national property board to review it for the rents is not going to put a stop to the institutions ‘ activities.

But the china expert and author Cecilia Lindqvist believes that the report hides the real problem.

– East asian pay 7.4 million per year in rent, and the museum of world culture in Gothenburg 25,5 million. It clumps together and does not say that it is the museum of world culture, which is gökungen in the nest. It is what you need to do something about, she says.

According to Cecilia Lindqvist, the proposed co-location involve a number of problems. Already today, she finds also that the museums are taking damage because she thinks they “toppstyrs from Gothenburg” and not have the managers who are capable of enough about the business.

” My heart is East of the closest and if it would suffer as you here suggest, it would be disastrous. The collections belong to the best in the world outside of China and risking damage to them is abuse, ” she says.


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