Thursday, September 8, 2016

“Sully” – a heart-pounding thriller – Expressen

Tom Hanks party and well executed anxiety loaded plane crash in Clint Eastwood’s latest.

For all air rescue here comes yet another film that will definitely make you want to stay at home.

If it is not Tom Hanks sitting at the controls of course. Safer can not be other than his large fan base.

For me, Hank’s the cinematic equivalent of Bruce Springsteen – a sympathetic American hero who always delivers. Though perhaps not so much on stadiums then, but more as diplomatic lawyer ( “Spy The bridge”) or self-sacrificing captain ( “Captain Phillips”).

You can hardly even imagine another actor in the role of the shy same and reserved pilot Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger, the man who in 2009 saved the lives of 155 passengers when he managed to make an emergency landing on the Hudson River.

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But to make the feature film of 208 seconds plane crash requires something extra, and Directing Clint Eastwood miss not of course the opportunity to paint the picture of a heroic ordinary American who did his job, and then you get to pay for it. When you think Sully should be worn around the golden throne, initiated instead a study in which he paradoxically suspected of having risked passengers’ lives by not turning back to the airport.

With the investigation as the frame is broken crash chronology up. Instead of getting the usual heart-pounding finale, we get to relive it again and again from different perspectives. The airplane wreckage is insanely skillfully depicted by a combination of dizzying heights and gray everyday identification. The familiar routine: air hostesses tired “fasten seat belts, turn off the phone,” which eventually changed to their shrill unison choir “Brace, brace, brace, heads down, stay down”. There are flights anxiety so complete that I feel panicked tears tricking the eye.

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Both the technically secure power construction and the craze for making the dutiful, while exposing American hero reminds “Sully” if “Eastwood’s American Sniper”. But this is, after all not as much to build on. Hank and the crash is this film’s major showpieces, but in between, this could just as well be an unusually lavish episode of “Mayday”.

As nerve wracking work is still excellent, which is thrown from its worst air nightmares and Hanks secure embrace.

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