Thursday, September 22, 2016

Snook may have new music on the time – Västerbottens-kuriren (the Courier)

"Mister cool"-the duo Snook rejoined at Way Out West in the summer, where they gave us a brand new song.

In the evening appears Daniel Adams-Ray at Gröna Lund in Stockholm, sweden and on Facebook, the former Snook-the colleague Oskar Linnros put up a picture of themselves at the amusement park with the associated text "Park tonight".

the Magazine Gaffa reports in addition to the comedian Soran Ismail has put out a picture of Linnros and Adam Ray on Instagram. The accompanying text read, according to the tidnigen: "My friend, Daniel Adams Ray releases a new song with Oskar Linnros. In the evening at nine o’clock will 'Sit on the dream’". Post shall, however, be edited and at the time of writing it rather than just "wait until tonight. Sitting on a dream".

Already this spring, the duo has a picture of themselves and the cryptic text, "the best hasn’t happened yet".

Snook disbanded in 2007 and stood before Way Out West-the show was last on stage together in 2009.


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