Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Tony Irving reveals: ”I was homeless during Let’s dance” – Aftonbladet

the Party, kändisliv and a debt of sek 13.5 million.

Tony Irving’s life was turned upside down – in the middle of "Let’s dance". It went so far that he was homeless.

– The shame that went with the bankruptcy and decay of my façade, I didn’t know what I would do, and began to drink again, ” he says to Nöjesbladet.

In tonight’s "A job for the Mountain" is the Carina Berg praoelev of the dancer, and the "Let’s dance"-the judge Tony Irving, 50.

In the programme he tells us about his toughest periods in life – and why he now stays away from the alcohol.

” I have had two periods in my life where I have been drinking very much alcohol. Far too much, ” he says in the program.

"I didn’t want to be gay"

The first period was in the late 80′s and early 90′s in the united states, he tells Nöjesbladet.

“I was not happy with myself, my orientation and didn’t know how I would deal with life,” he says.

Tony Irving tells us that he drank too much, took amphetamines and diet pills.

” I wanted to have it all and at the same time, no. I was young, stupid and naive, but I was very vulnerable, and I fought against my identity. I didn’t want to be gay, ” he says.

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"don’t you Know who I am?"

Tony Irving made it through the tough time. But several years later, in the middle of "Let’s dance", came alkoholproblemen back.

"A job for the Mountain," he tells me that he desperately wanted to be with in the "innegänget". It was a lot of partying and red carpets.

” I went through this phase: "I’m Tony Irving, hey let me in! I have to stand in the queue? Do you not have the table for me? Don’t you know who I am?", he says in the program.

It all became a vicious merry-go-round that led to Tony Irving began to mismanage their companies. In the end it went so far that it went out of business.

Had debt of 13.5 million

Left standing Tony Irving with sek 13.5 million in liabilities.

” Everything had been turned upside down and I panicked. I was sitting at home, isolated myself from all of the others, stopped going out and started drinking at home, ” he says to Nöjesbladet, and continues:

– The shame that went with the bankruptcy and decay of my façade, I didn’t know what I would do.

In the programme he tells us about the consequences.

” In the nearly 18 months I was homeless in the middle of "Let’s dance". I lived on a väninnas sofa for I chose to sell everything I had. I had been partying, drinking away and ignoring my business, ” he says.

"I live Svensson-life"

Tony Irving tells us how he managed to hide his problems to the media, colleagues and friends.

” I learned to put on a facade. Stylish clothes, a stylish hairstyle, a little botox in the face, and all believe that everything is wonderful, ” he says to Nöjesbladet.

With support from friends and a therapist Tony managed Irving get from alkoholproblemen and their liabilities. Today he feels good.

” I’m married, live in Norrtälje in a townhouse and I have no ambition to live the stylish life. I live Svensson-life. I do my job and I have a great life, ” he says.

"A job for the Mountain" is broadcast tonight at 21 on Channel 5.

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