Saturday, September 24, 2016

Justin Bieber in a bar-brawl after concert – Aftonbladet

Justin Bieber was in the heart of the action when he played in Munich last week.

Now, reveals TMZ details of the evening, where a man took to violence against the world cup.

Justin Bieber is right now in Norway where he makes a couple of stops on his world tour before I’m off to Finland and then Sweden.

But last week, when the star was in Munich, there was uproar in the nightclub Heart.

In a video that TMZ has published the seen Justin Bieber slowly moving through a dense crowd on the dance floor, when a man suddenly makes a lunge at him.

According to the site, had the man tried to get bieber’s attention throughout the evening – but failed.

Luckily the singer’s business partner John Shahidi to the rescue and pushed down the attacker on the ground at the same time as a woman in the Oktoberfest outfit led away in the world cup in another direction.

The 29 and 30 september performs Justin Bieber at the Tele2 Arena in Stockholm, sweden.


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