Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Lindorff’s sextips to TV4-the farmers – the Express newspaper

It will heat up quickly in this year’s season of “Farmer seeks wife”.

Linda Lindorff is positive to sex on the first date.

“I think it can be good,” writes the host of the show.

In the evening at 20.00 is the säsongspremiär for the “Farmer seeks wife” in TV4. Already two days ago revealed Linda Lindorff that it has never been so much sex in the program as it gets this season.

On his blog, ” Linda Lindorff more:

“Yes it is a sexy season, but fear not, we have not-sensitive night cameras and, as usual, is sex really not something that we focus on in this program. But love and sex are often associated and when there are consequences so we’re talking, of course about it,” writes the host of the show and continues:

“I’m not afraid to talk about sex, but I will keep it at a level so that no one should have to be too embarrassed. I do not think that there is something wrong that it will close to each other physically when they have feelings for each other, on the contrary, I believe it. I think sex on the first date can be good.”

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someone Will be on the first date?

” Haha, what do you think? Yes, this with one night stands and passion for a night versus the eternal love will be discussed early in the program, ” says Linda Lindorff when Expressen reaches her.

Linda Lindorff also talks about how she likes sex on the first date.

” I think that it can be completely okay, but I can also feel that there may be advantages to wait depending on who you are as a person and what you want out of the relationship. For example, we have a farmer in the years that think that they are happy can wait with sex until after you married, and there are also others who think that the good and well have sex on the first date, “she says, and continues:

” I’m not saying that either one or the other is more right, it must be so that you trust that people are mature enough to be able to take this type of decision. Then I think what on the whole is about what you believe in for approach when it comes to catching the big love. Of course, we are very, very different.

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She develops this line of reasoning:

– Love is a bit like a game. Some guys and girls need to go slowly. Are you on the first date, it will not be eternal love, then you have almost destroyed it. If you are on, it will not keep. The option is the classic that no one should hear of three days. This is not only a claptrap to some extent they work still. Love is more so. There is chemistry but is also about the allure.

You are not afraid to talk about sex, why do you think that many people think that it is an uncomfortable topic of conversation?

– If you are pretty confident in himself does not need to be particularly embarrassing to talk about this type of stuff. But then it is a matter of all need to know it. In the “Farmer seeks wife”, we focus on love, not sex. But what often happens is that love and sex belong together. It may begin with sex, and so it will be love or so it begins with love and then sex.

That the issue needs to be discussed in the program think Linda Lindorff is not strange.

– However, you need perhaps not go into the details, and especially not in a family program as a “Farmer seeking wife”. No one should have to feel embarrassed to see the program that you talk about sex too rough. So it will not be.


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