Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Assange Prosecutor: Failure – Aftonbladet

Crime. failure.

Marianne Ny choose that word when she notes that the protracted Assange investigation led to possible victims do not receive justice.

the normally so reticent prosecutors in the international hot case of the rape suspect Wikileaksgrundaren Julian Assange, finishing off with a press conference on Wednesday – an event a few hours before the Mandate review SVT would send his interview with Assange in London.

no real news gave Marianne Ny and chief prosecutor Ingrid Isgren not emit. They are still waiting for news from Ecuador on when and how the hearing will go to the country’s embassy in London.

To interrogate Assange which means a loss of quality of the investigation, but now Marianne Ny no other way forward. Ideally, she wants to Ingrid Isgren and police investigator may attend. Alternatively, she may settle for an Ecuadorian prosecutor conducting the interview to Swedish investigators questions.

Huge interest

in a crowded stuffy press room of the Stockholm police, with several foreign journalists came much about why Marianne Ny not requested to interrogate Assange directly in 2012 when he took refuge in Ecuador’s embassy.

– I saw no reason to discriminate against Assange, she replied.

the consequence was that the two plaintiffs women never had investigated three of the four sexual suspicions against Assange, who was reported after a visit to Sweden in 2010. because of the extremely lengthy process could those cases barred. There remains only the grossest crimes suspect – rape.

– It is very unfortunate that we have not managed to bring the investigation forward. In that respect, it has been a failure, says Marianne Ny self-critically said.

Assange denies

in the next week announce the Svea Court of Appeal decision on whether Assange will remain in custody for their absence or not.

When Mission review recently interviewed Julian Assange in London, he continued to deny the allegation of rape and had nothing more to say about the case:

– You ask me to go into details on the matter. The right place to do it is in a formal statement to the Swedish prosecutor. There, she has avoided for six years. I do not think the place is in Swedish television.


The Assange case

on a visit to Sweden in August 2010, Assange on suspicion of sexual offenses against two women. He was arrested in November 2010 in his absence.

After various legal tours took Assange refuge in Ecuador’s embassy in London in 2012 and was granted asylum.

Swedish prosecutors continued to press for Assange to come to Sweden to be heard here. Assange has been refused on the grounds that he fears Sweden will hand him over to the United States.

In March last year, switched feet and prosecutors agreed that the hearings would be held in London. Legal barriers between Ecuador and Sweden, however, prevented this until the countries signed an agreement on legal assistance in December 2015.

In August the same year barred a case of unlawful coercion and two counts of sexual molestation. The fourth case, which concern suspected rape, barred until August in 2020.

Assange has not yet been heard.


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