Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Tvillingbönderna may not be with – got to get the letter – Aftonbladet

Kärleksjakten was an inglorious end for Erik and Oscar Dieden, 38.

Now takes Linda Lindorff blame for tvillingböndernas unexpectedly poor brevskörd in tonight’s "Farmer seeks wife".

” I have really been thinking about this, for it has done evil in me. I managed to not in the way I wanted to succeed, she says.

There will be no tv-fall for tvillingbönderna.

Erik and Oscar Dieden from Katrineholm got to get the letters to get the search love in the new season of "Farmer seeks wife". When the host of the show Linda Lindorff came to hand over the brevskörden in Wednesday’s episode, she expressed her surprise over the lack of interest.

the Twins were not even ten letters were, which made it impossible for them to continue in the program.

There were not that many, strangely enough. I had thought it would be a great many more, ” says Linda Lindorff in the section.

"Perhaps were brought together for the very"

The lack of interest was a disappointment for Erik, and Oscar.

– It is clear, a little disappointing, it was actually. It had a small hope to get a few more. But you see the positive in the future in any case…it can be the letter later, ” says Erik.

Have you discussed what the small number of letters can depend on?

” Yes, it is clear that you are thinking about it. I think maybe we are two people who are quite tight so maybe it is difficult to differentiate between us. Who is who, ” says Oscar.

” We are still two individuals with separate personalities. Maybe we were brought together a bit too much. The presentation might have been a little more separated and shown our different pages a little bit more, ” says Erik.

"Got a little bit sad,"

In retrospect, Linda Lindorff questioned how tvillingbönderna was produced in presentationsprogrammet in the spring.

” I might have even thought that it is our fault, that we did wrong when we highlighted them in the same portrait, that we should have divided them up and made a portrait was. And explained even more clearly that they live in a house on this farm and how different they are, ” she says.

Lindorff is disappointed brevskörden.

” I think it is surprising that they received so few letters, and I’ve been thinking quite a lot about this. I was a little sad for it, too, because I think they deserve a great many more, ” she says.

Erik and Oscar Dieden continue to document their kärleksjakt themselves on tv4.see.


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