Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Sergey: You can feel safe in Russia – Aftonbladet

Russia’s lavish numbers moved on from the first semi-final.

And the winner Sergey Lazarev promise security for LGBT people about the contest comes to Russia.

– you can feel safe in our country, he said.

at the press conference after Eurvision song Contest first semi-final was one of the winners, Russia’s Sergey Lazarev, against the wall of his native environment for LGBT people and how the group would be treated if the race comes to Russia next year.

– I often receive such questions during my interviews and there is a important issue. There are many rumors about LGBT people in Russia, but we have a gay scene as you probably know, he said.

LGBTQ people worried

LGBTQ movement in Russia has sounded the alarm position of the group in Russia since the introduction of the law on “homosexual propaganda” by 2013.

Tatjana Vinnichenko , Chairman of the LGBTQ Russia told me a week to Swedish newspaper Svenska Dagbladet that the visiting LGBT people will get a shock when a Russian Eurovision song contest.

– They can not express themselves in the same way as at home. It is not just about symbols, you can not hold hands. No one should have to risk being knocked down in the subway, she told Swedish daily.

“You can feel secure”

Sergey Lazarev, however, continued to give a good image.

– In Google, you can see how many gay clubs and -restaurants there. Are you going to Russia, I think it would be a support for LGBT people in Russia.

He also pointed out that Russia previously stayed in including the Sochi Olympics in 2014.

– it was fantastic, many different types of people with different sexualities come to Sochi and had a nice and enjoyable stay. It was no problem.

2009 held the Eurovision Song Contest in Moscow.

– It was good, everyone got there and had fun so it will be again if Russia wins. All Russians love Eurovision. If you ask me, we do our best, you can feel safe in our country. We take on something, we do it as best we can.

“Did not rent rooms”

The chronicling of history is, however, divided on the climate at the Olympics, LGBT people have testified about the persecution and harassment.

– They did not even rent rooms in hotels. Staff went on toes and were asked to contact the authorities if they suspected that someone was gay, says Tatjana Vinnichenko to the Swedish daily.

The moderator of the press conference, the Swedish television profile Jovan Radomir , forced at one point rebuke journalists and fans after some booed in the room in protest, unclear if it was the questioner or Russia.

– Please, I urge you all to have a respectful tone toward our artists, he said .

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