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Three slopes – removes advertising Mans – Expressen

Mans Zelmerlöw appears in advertisements for Three as he is the host of the Eurovision Song Contest, which SVT first told.

SVT demanded in the day that the advertising of social media would withdrawn because it violates the TV channel’s rules.

Three, behind the advertising, would not remove the material – but now cross turn now.

“We remove all related materials on our website and in our digital channels, “writes Kamran Alemdar, Director of Communications for Three, in an email.

Mans Zelmerlöw together with Petra Mede host for Eurovision Song contest in SVT, with the finals held on 14 May at the Globe Arena in Stockholm.

But shortly before the contest appeared Mans Zelmerlöw in a commercial for phone company Three on the company website, type SVT.

the film was a video where Mans Zelmerlöw after a competition played for the winners at Grona Lund, and was filmed according to SVT April 11 this year.

the clip was posted on Tres YouTube channel on 22 April.

SVT rules argue that a hostess may not work with commercial activities while the program is running. There is even a waiting period on the program, which basically SVT comes two weeks before and after the program for external people who are employed as well as understudy. Basically, one must not participate in marketing that does not have its own career to do, which applies to external employees and temporary understudy in SVT.

SVT demanded in the day that the advertisement was withdrawn.

– It should disappear. All the material remains and is located up to be removed. Måns manegement have said they will contact Three of it, said Johan Bern Hagen, executive producer of Eurovision, to SVT earlier in the day.

Three announced that it would not take down the material from its digital channels.

– We have had a partnership with Måns which we do not have anymore. In this collaboration with Stage 3, we have recorded their own material, variety shows and all that. The material we have published in our own channels. We have the right to use the material, it is already published. However, what we have done is on the website taken down a picture that was on top of him. But we recorded will remain. It does not think we remove, we have the right to deploy and use, according to the agreements we have. Twelve months after publication. We have had a collaboration with Mans since 2015, there are things that was published nearly a year ago, it also remains digitally. It’s a bit the thing when you publish things in their own channels. But we have no agreement with him today. It is not advertising that’ll go on television or plan to do so, said Kamran Alemdar, Director of Communications for Three, earlier in the day.

But now cross turn now.

“Now we had a good conversation with Måns Zelmerlöw management and delete all related materials on our website and in our digital channels. We like Måns and want as many others see him make success in the Eurovision Song Contest, “writes Kamran Alemdar, Director of Communications for Three, in an email.

Although the agreement with Måns Zelmerlöw no longer applies was an extension to record Grona Lund clip, says Kamran Alemdar.

– the agreement was concluded in February, but it was an extension to record the movie. It was recorded at the beginning, mid-April, he said.

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Lili Assefa, press officer for the Eurovision, says the contract expired long before the qualifying period for Mans Zelmerlöw began.

– He does not have a valid contract. It went out before, I will not go into specific when, but it went out long before his conversion period for SVT began. It is not the active cooperation, it is not an active campaign. That is the information I have received from his management, she says.

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“It is not true”

But Sandra Miller, Måns Zelmerlöw manager, says that it does not involve any extended contract – not a commercial, although Tres sign is clearly visible in the clip and the three stood for the cost of it.

– It is not true that the contract should have been extended to the period. There is no advertising campaign. The important thing is that Måns has not been any agreement to show that he has been active. Måns has not been in a commercial during the period and for safety’s sake, the documentation of his live performance that is out there to be picked off, she says.

Zelmerlöws manager: “No advertising”

She believes that it is only a record of a concert that is out at Tres social media, but that will now be taken down.

– He has been campaigning for a long time. It is there a record of a concert that was the prize in a contest. It will also be a precaution to be removed. But there is no advertising campaign, she says and continues:

– There is no advertising campaign was active. There have been a film that is a record of a live performance that Måns has done.

Charlotte Perrelli in advertising during the Eurovision Song Contest

Earlier this fall received Charlotte Perrelli leave his post as host of the Eurovision Song Contest SVT when she short before then did an advertising campaign for Comviq.

before the artist’s participation as host of the competition was completed, SVT have approved Perrellis other before pregnancy – even though it dealt put channel their agreement.

Charlotte Perrelli was instead extended intermission of the Eurovision Song Contest.

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