Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Sissela Benn makes pop comeback – Expressen

Sissela Benn return to popular music.

The comedian has landed a role in the Eurovision.

“Löslugg o 70s rags for tiny role in ESC -sketch “writes Sissela Benn on Instagram.

Sissela Benn character Filippa Bark became the largest snack ice during the Eurovision Song Contest 2015.

Now return comedian to popular music.

Sissela Benn returns to schlager

on Instagram writes Sissela Benn that she is ready for a small part in Eurovision.

“Löslugg o 70s rags for tiny role in ESC skit, “writes Sissela Benn on Instagram.

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the comedian will make a pre-roll.

“Suffering posthumously with all who were pregnant back then. damn too tight fitting polyester” writes Sissela Benn on Instagram.

it is also clear that it is not the acclaimed Filippa bark the character she will do.

– It’s not Filippa. It’s just a very small thing, says Sissela Benn.

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Sissela Benn was met by a large hatstorm

After the Resurrection peaked in the Eurovision Song Contest last year Sissela Benn told about the future plans for the character.

– We’ll see. I have done it a long time. It is not the only thing I want to do. I want to do other things. Lot of other things. Filippa Bark’ve found a little new audience. But I have not had time to reflect on it. I’ll do that when this is finished, she said then.

Then had Sissela Benn met with a great hatstorm.

– One half of me can take it very professionally. I think this is a job we do and that it is only a small part of a program. I understand that not everyone likes a narrower character. It is okay. But the other part of me is of course sad. When it felt like there was a lot of criticism, I began to think that there were more who did not like me. Then it felt pain, she said.

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