Thursday, April 14, 2016

Netflix is ​​planning to make Swedish series – Aftonbladet

According to the site, they have had contact with several different producers and asked for ideas for TV series such as network service allows fund.

When SVT contact with Netflix CEO Reed Hastings says he that there is not yet any concrete.

Piodor Gustafsson , producer of among other upcoming blockbuster “the Snowman” should have brought the discussion with the service on three occasions.

– They have asked us to come up with projects that we think would suit their platform. We think this is very exciting, the competition for Swedish-language projects increased, says Piodor Gustafsson to SVT.

Already Netflix Swedish series in its range, including “bridge” made by SVT and DR.

SVT’s drama director Christian Wikander is the competitor’s advancement continuously.

– This means increased competition, it gets tougher and there will be more people who want to work with the already established. But it also provides opportunity for more people to tell their story. In the long term, I think it is good for us. More get the chance, and in the long run, it can increase the quality, he says to Kulturnyheterna.

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