Friday, April 15, 2016

Barbro Westling celebrates Suzanne Osten criticized the movie: Closest taboo-breaking … – Aftonbladet

Ti is seven and lives with her mother, Siri. The furnished apartment they have rented for six months. Siri begins with smashing crockery and glasses, collect garbage and fix with container findings. Ti is with and have fun. Mother is so beautiful blond and resourceful. Full of colored lampshades on the ceiling and lots of magazines and gadgets everywhere, in mounds and labyrinths. It’s amazing and it’s weird. No one shall be allowed to know where they live for Siri is psychotic. Often there is nothing to eat, the clothes are dirty and sometimes Ti not even allowed to use the bathroom.

The girl, her mother and daemons was the first R-rated , like Suzanne Osten last movie Bengbulan in 1996. the cheese and the film company appealed to the Administrative Court and won, but yesterday came the news that the National Media Council want to bring proceedings before a higher authority Appeal. 15-year limit will remain until the matter is settled.

In the media, it has been debated whether the film is too scary.

But you can know for sure what is causing concern and fear among children? Or if the feelings in any way meaningful? Reduces really fear that children are kept away from anything unknown in and around us?

Sure they hunt rubber as the demons in trench coat Siri with glowing eyes and a hole instead of nose and certainly excites to the end that Ti must die. But the mother screaming also no. And Ti is fully occupied in his direction. Sighing she notes that the fridge is empty and goes himself to the Seven Eleven to buy on credit. With a grimace, she pees in the glass jar when Mom turned off the toilet. Initially tells Ti and Siri in an empty movie theater that the movie will end well. There is an extra grip but you never really doubt that Ti must clear both himself and mother. In this way, the cheese film a true story. The heroine Ti is both ordinary and extraordinary. She both fighting and parts cinnamon roll with the guy in school. She breathes with violets tablets so that the demons will disappear. She wields almost his sword and flying in the air. Ti is both real and fantastic.

The child seems to be no place for when a self-proclaimed protective instinct now moving through time. Those that are small to be protected from isolated elements of Swedish children’s culture, while Netflix is ​​in full swing.

And the more cluttered the special effects that video games and kids movies become, the more they seem requirement from nojiga parents increase the safe circled and unambiguous images of reality.

criticism of cheese movie directed course in on it reproduces reality, not fantasy. It’s Stockholm Environments, metro and recognizable dressers we see! That’s right but sees only there is a kind of selective reality fundamentalism. For there is quite a lot different. Osten’s film takes to portray mental illness but is both reality and fiction made up dressed. Furthermore, the surprisingly good story. Who could expect that Miss in school would be calm and safe. Someone without fuss keeps lesson, ask questions and have time for the children’s answers. And makes Ti from the first moment. And to counter the neighbor who, despite Ti stinks and is dirty, do not make her bullying victim but instead becomes her friend. Too good to be true? Not recognizable as reality or film of cheese?

Suzanne Osten is a pioneer in children’s culture, now appointed its ambassador while R-rated! The girl, her mother and trash in 1998 was groundbreaking theater and played a long time in the cheese house. The theater has the film become less crude and Esther Quigley and Maria Sundbom make huge finely-tuned and effective figures of Ti and Siri. It’s Suzanne Osten own material and child perspective but the skilled girl rises here in its full force, showing that she intuitively is also home to the very normal. In the film, she has been fitted with a new ally, the teacher ( Ulrika Nilsson ) who brings his own nuclear family to greet the class. Ti hugs her first day at school and the teacher’s gaze on Tue mother is not judgmental, just completely unsympathetic. For those who know their cheese, it looks like a different and redeeming choices.

Osten’s new movie is whether this is a given content almost taboo-breaking exciting movie that no one should refrain from seeing.


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